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How to Pick Cool Mens Accessories

Bracelets are one of the coolest men’s accessories that enhance the look of any outfit. Fashion-forward men have rocked bracelets for years, but they’re fast gaining a wider appeal.

A few centuries ago, men embellished precious stones and bones to their wrists as a way to show their power and wealth. These days, men’s bracelets are a reflection of high-fashion. Alongside this, leather accessories, wristlet wallets and headband circlets are other ways that men are starting to experiment and accessorize.

Here are a few things you should consider to ensure you accessorize well.

Choosing the Right Accessory

There is a huge array of accessories available for men. When faced with several materials and different styles to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. If you’re new to accessorizing, pick one and start with that. Perhaps the easiest place to start is with bracelets for men.

The best bracelets for men are made of genuine leather, natural gemstones, or high-quality metal. Most of those available on the market are made of zinc alloy, which tend to be cheap and wear out fast.

You should look for bracelets made of silver or stainless steel. You should also consider whether the accessory is a natural fit for your style. Below are some common types of mens bracelets.

Popular Materials

  • Precious stones– These are used to show off status, luxury and wealth. Bracelets inset with expensive stones, like diamonds, are designed to catch attention and appeal to the eye.
  • Macramé bracelets– These are designed using the traditional knotted textile technique and may be combined with rare gemstones and charms. As they’re made from fabric or yarn, they can be adjusted to fit any wrist, making them a safe option especially when gifting someone.
  • Rope bracelets– Rope bracelets can be a great addition to a man’s outfit if pulled off well. They give off a nautical vibe and can be matched to pretty much any type of clothing.
  • Beaded– Beaded bracelets should be made of high-quality metal and stone beads, or even gemstones. Some beaded bracelets signify beliefs, such as the ‘evil eye’ bracelets commonly worn in Greece. This is the Top cool mens accessories.
  • Cuffs– Cuffs can be made of metal or leather. For a statement look, go for a mens bracelet made of silver or stainless steel. You should, however, be careful not to pick one that is plated. Low-quality plating wears off in a few days or weeks, leaving the accessory with unattractive brassy color. Cuffs are a simple accessory, but can really add that finishing, masculine look to an outfit.
  • Leather Bracelets

Other Cool Mens Accessories 

  • Leather Mens Wristlets- In recent years, ‘man bags’ have become more commonplace and acceptable. It’s not unusual to see men carrying satchels and small cross-body bags. However, the most convenient form of bag for men is a leather men’s wristlet. A wristlet is a small, wallet-sized bag that can fit a phone, cash, chewing gum, credit cards and other small items inside. They can be carried or worn around the wrist. Choose black or brown leather versions to match any outfit. These free up your pockets and prevent the need for carrying around a bulky satchel.


  • Mens Circlets- A slightly more statement accessory, mens circlets are coming back into fashion. Inspired by ancient and Medieval clothing, circlets are head accessories worn in a similar way to headbands. They generally sit across the forehead or at the hairline. When worn stylishly, they set apart any man as someone who is confident and follows his own path. These generally come in leather or metal materials, and can be thin and simple or thick, statement pieces.

Pair Your Accessories The Right Way

Bracelets for men have taken off as a significant trend in the last decade. However, they and other fashion accessories must be paired with the right clothing to work. It’s all about balance.

For instance, it’s usually a good idea to pair silver with silver, or silver with leather, but too much leather could leave you looking like an ancient Roman soldier.

Mens circlets often pair well with a hat over the top or with long hair. Or even with Bracelets from Muerta Collection! Wear a simple outfit with stand-out, expensive-looking pieces to pull off this look, like skinny jeans with a leather jacket.

When accessorizing, try not to overload too many colors in your outfit. Keep things simple in shades of black, gray and brown to ensure your whole look is coordinated.

Bracelets pair well with leather men’s wristlets, again as long as there’s not too much leather. Wear beaded, metallic or fabric bracelets along with a leather wristlet for a put-together look.

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