Target's 2018 Swimwear Ads Are All Photoshop-Free, and They're Glorious
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Target’s 2018 Swimwear Ads Are All Photoshop-Free, and They’re Glorious

We probably didn’t need another reason to love shopping at Target, a place we head to for a new toothbrush and leave $60 lighter, but their new swim campaign just made our hearts grow a lot fonder. Their latest line of swimwear has arrived—all 1,700 pieces of it—and it’s amazingly diverse. Better yet, it’s once again Photoshop-free. “It’s our goal to take the stress out of swimsuit season and bring joy back to the beach by providing something for every Target guest,” the company announced in a press release. Translation: cuts, colors, and prints for all.


Although you might be able to find a bathing suit for your every mood, what you won’t find is any airbrushing or reshaping of the models in the campaign. It’s beyond refreshing to see a mass retailer showing women’s bodies as they really are. “Building on the strong foundation we set with last year’s campaign, we’re celebrating women and encouraging them to embrace the beauty of their own bodies,” the release said.


Hell. Yes. We are bombarded with images all day long and are constantly (often unconsciously) processing the messages that they send. So when those messages are body-positive, it can truly make a difference in how we see ourselves in the world—and in a bathing suit.