Why Bracelets for Men Should Be Part of Your Look

Men’s accessories have undergone a lot of ups and downs in fashion in the last few decades. Currently, they are on the up-and-up. Men wearing bracelets have long been a statement of strength and defiance. These men aren’t afraid to accessorize and let it be known that they don’t fit into society’s neat little boxes. Men’s bracelets are for the man who does what he pleases.

The New Cool Men’s Accessories

A man’s bracelet is an extension of self and makes for a bold personality statement. It’s no different from a simple ring or a chain around the neck.

Besides the simple bracelet, a number of other accessories for men are becoming more and more commonplace on both the street and the runways. Depending on your outfit and style, leather men’s wristlets, for example, can give off a “cool, casual, easy-going” vibe, or an elegant, manly, and sophisticated vibe. These wallets with wrist attachments make it easy for men to accessorize and keep their style functional.

Men’s circlets are also making statements in men’s fashion. These leather or metallic headbands give a distinctly Viking look and give a nod to the strong, bohemian style of celebrities like actor Jason Momoa.

You can make your accessories work for you and make them say what you want! We can help to provide the guidance you need to find cool men’s accessories that perfectly fit your style.

What Men’s Bracelets Can Do for Your Look

Bracelets for men come in leather, beaded, metal, rope, and many other styles. No matter the material, though, the effect is the same: it brings the outfit together and makes a statement that you own your look and style. It speaks a lot to your personality (bold, intentional, fearless) and also to your fashion sense!

Contrary to a necklace or ring, however, a men’s bracelet should not look gaudy. It should look a little worn and beaten, as though it’s been on many exotic adventures with you throughout the years.

What’s Your Style?

You can choose to switch out bracelets with your outfits, or you can choose one signature bracelet as part of your daily ensemble. The choice is up to you, and we are here to help!

If you are a professional who often wears suits, an elegant, metal bracelet can be the perfect pairing for your outfit—just make sure it’s nothing too clunky or distracting. Just enough eye-catching appeal to add a touch of style. If you can dress more casually, nicely worn leather men’s wristlets will accentuate that style.

As with most fashion items, the fit is important. A heavier bracelet should be fitted snugly around the wrist without sliding around too much. Conversely, a lighter leather band can be a little looser and slide around more.

Do Men Really Wear Bracelets?

Men have been wearing bracelets for centuries. During the prehistoric ages, men wore bracelets made of bones and teeth, believing they would ward off evil spirits.

In later centuries, wealthy men adorned themselves with bracelets and jewelry to show off their wealth, status, and power.

In many parts of the world today, a man wearing a bracelet is commonplace. Leather straps or beaded bracelets are a staple of surfer style in Australia and iron bangles for men are very popular in India.

Why Wear a Bracelet?

If you’re at all fashion-conscious, you know that any accessory can be a conversation starter. An aptly placed bracelet can spark a conversation with new and exciting people! It attracts positive attention and invites people to approach you.

Men’s bracelets also signify solidarity and camaraderie. For example, LiveStrong and 4Ocean bracelets show the wearer stands in solidarity with humanitarian and environmental issues. These are not necessarily fashion pieces. However, you can always choose a bracelet that means something personal to you and wear it as a reminder.

Do not forget that bracelets are one of the coolest Men’s accessories!

How to Wear a Bracelet

There are a few “rules” to guide you when considering how to wear a bracelet. It is better to leave one wrist bare than it is to match bracelets on each wrist.

If you have several thin bracelets, stacking them is a good look. However, don’t stack several thick or bulky accessories at one time. Don’t mix more than one big band on one wrist: for example, don’t have a thick metal band with your watch.

Finally, bracelets are usually worn on the dominant hand, especially if you’re worried about scratching your watch.

Different Types of Bracelets

There are several categories of bracelets for men:

  • Broad metal bands
  • Rope and string cords
  • I.D. bands
  • Rubber “cause” bands
  • Punk-esque bands
  • Leather cuffs
  • Leather straps
  • “Health” bands

A metal band can exude an upscale look without getting too flashy. I.D. bands are perfect for that retro, “post-war” look, which many men embrace. Leather straps are a casual and classy choice.

Rock Bracelets for Men Today

Don’t be afraid to try out different bands to see what works with your style! Click on the links above to explore the world of bracelets for men!

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